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You want to reach us for any good reason you see fit ? Then go ahead and we’ll respond as soon as possible !

We are trying as hard as possible to answer to everyone within 24 hours. But sometimes, it’s just that there are no questions in the mail, so make sure to randomly add some question marks to trick us to answer you. If you don’t get an answer within a week, please, contact us again. You know how it goes. You read that email from a stranger, then say to yourself that you’ll reply later today, then you get some stuff to do, forget about replying, then think about it the next day but you need to finish something first, and then pixel dust settles on the mail so that he disappears from the visible list in the mailbox, and that’s when we’ll never think about it ever. Well maybe we’ll dream about it, but will still forget in the morning. I guess you get the idea ;)

Please mind the (time) gap between the mail and our (french) platform.

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