The December 2013 Log (featuring Yoyo Game Maker and Christmas)

December was a quiet time. Holiday seasons was a perfect reason to make a welcome pause on the movie. But I couldn’t completely stop working on it either, so, let’s see what was done this past month.


  • Built part of the town
  • Worked on Storyboarding v1.5
  • Played with Yoyo GameMaker Pro
  • Started writing great articles, but failed to finish them

Pasquin, a city in progress


I’m not sure if I already mentioned this, but the story takes place in the fictional city of Pasquin, a wealthy parisian suburban town in France. On this Google Maps view, the district of “La Défense”, right outside of Paris, which is the inspiration for the Pasquin Business District, where the Mythomen HQ is located.

Since it’s infancy, Pasquin has always been a mix of several western wealthy cities near Paris. It’s a mix between La Défense, Puteaux, Saint-Cloud, Versailles and some bits and pieces from other town in Paris neighbourhood. While reviewing the actual unfinished screenplay, I noticed that even if the idea of the town was pretty clear in my head, the actual layout of the town wasn’t. This could seem not that important to have the layout before completing the screenplay, but in this case it is: because our super heroes are going from places to places, I need to know over which district they fly, so I can introduce better obstacles and conflicts. This will help building a better consistency, and a feeling of having a real living city.

How do I build the city ? Well, first I’m going to research the history of each of the aforementioned towns to make sure I understand how they have been built. Then I’ll extract some key districts from each and then will blend them together to create a realistic fictional town. Needless to say that I’ve always been a big fan of Sim City (until they decided to ruin it with online only mode, and too small building area, plagued with bugs). Part of january will be about this process, and I’ll write a dedicated post about it.

Storyboarding v1.5

Story Boarding v1.5 Preview

While on vacation, only relying on my Macbook Air, I spent time to resume development on our Storyboarding script. I found a workaround for the several UI bugs plaguing After Effects CC, and even if it’s not as nice as I would like, it will allow us to use it and release it to you guys.

With that in mind, I refined the list of expected features for v1.5, removing a big one that I would have loved to be able to include (It’s not that I don’t want, it’s some ESTK connexion bugs) but replaced it with one I was initially planning for much later (v2.0), so in the end it’ll still be a strong release. The new release timeframe is before spring so it shouldn’t be much longer before putting your hands on it. The roadmap looks clear, and tutorial & doc writing and recording is scheduled. Should be fun.

Playing with Yoyo GameMaker Pro


Yes, yes, even though you’ve just have bought a Pro Edition of GameMaker, the first screen you see is an ad for the Master Collection. Nice welcome. I love video games, I’ve mentioned that several times here and on my older blog too: here, here, here, and here. I even have been a project leader on a Dreamcast game I made during my third year at Epitech. That was so fun.

Video games are rooted into the Mythomen Movie Project, lots of references, gags and winks at some of my favorites games and companies are hidden in the actual screenplay. But even if I’m not a great developer anymore (just good enough for scripting the hell out of After Effects) I still wish to make a video game based on the Mythomen Universe. Since the first day I worked on the movie, back in 2008, I kept notes aside for a video game idea. Pretty much like the movie, the idea kept growing and now is quite well defined, even if I haven’t written a formal game design document yet. That’s still a side project, and I’m not in a hurry of producing it. Well, maybe because I have a movie to make in the first place right ?

So with my scripting abilities in mind, I started looking for High Level 2D game development IDE. I stumbled upon Yoyo GameMaker, which I almost abandoned the first time I launched it, just because the UI was messy as hell, and not very helping. But because of dear Twitter followers and lot’s of online tutorials, I managed to install it back and play a bit with it.

Started working on a very simple game, a QTE game to test out interaction and latency with controllers. Started using some Mythomen visuals, then switched to some lofi quick made graphics.


As you can see, I grew up with Capcom games, more specifically Street Fighter 2. Anyway, it was really fun to play with GameMaker, and I’ll probably use it from time to time to test out ideas for the Mythomen Game.

Things you should have been able to read

I don’t like promising stuff and not delivering. I planned to write several articles during my vacations, but for various reasons (let’s be honest here, one of the reasons is named Dead Rising 3) I couldn’t finish them. So they are half written in the backend. They’ll of course see the light of day sooner than later, but still, very sorry about that.


This year is going to be really exciting. With the screenplay going on (I’m writing this on the 14th of january, so I already know that I wrote a big chunk of the remaining screenplay in january), I’ll be able to focus on the animatic with Anthony and Jerzy. Recording temp voices will be ton of fun, and I can’t wait to see what will be able to accomplish this year ! So Happy New Year everyone, may 2014 be with you, and your projects. Cheers, Seb

Author: Yenaphe

2D animation enthusiast. South Park lover. Dark comedy lord. Slave to the bad joke gods. Writer & Director of Mythomen.


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