Looking for a Background Designer [Urgently of course]


Oh yes, production is underway. Well you should have known if I did finish the 2014 summary post, but it’s still in draft as I need to finish more important matters first.

So, what’s the fuss is all about?

Well, we’re under a very tight deadline to do a trailer for the movie, for some key people. We’re already deep down the production of the trailer:

  • We have our compositor working on the music,
  • we have cast 2 talents (out of 3 needed) for the voices,
  • Anthony have done a rough board, that
  • I turned into a rough animatic
  • and Jerzy is working on some mind blowing tools.

The trailer timing, shots and locations are locked. Anthony needs to design additional characters to fit our needs. But he won’t have time to work on the backgrounds sadly.


That’s why we’re looking for help. We need to hire a background designer. We have 2 locations that are being used in several shots from different angles, and then some additional ones that are just very defined static shots.

We’re self funding, so our budget is tight, to say the least. Yet, we don’t want people to work for free. So we wanna pay. It won’t pay you much, but we promise you it’s going to be awesome! And the best thing is, we’re looking for people who can work from the comfort of their place. So yeah, it’s like working from your sofa, but the food is on us (so to speak).

Now is the time you’re wondering what kind of style we’re looking for. Well, we’re looking for something halfway from the shots above, which is from a former version of the project, and the shots below, which are what we’ve been investigating so far.

Location Test 1design_immeubleHD05_web

Here are some rough character designs too so you can get a better grasp. We’re aiming at a final closer to the character you can see on the street pick above.

Summer Characters

You can see more rough character designs from Anthony here.

So, if you think this is an opportunity for you, or you know someone who’d like to join the adventure, please, get in touch with us here, or through my Twitter Account.


Author: Yenaphe

2D animation enthusiast. South Park lover. Dark comedy lord. Slave to the bad joke gods. Writer & Director of Mythomen.


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