In the midst of the summer

Almost there.

We’ve been pretty silent the last few month. No excuses. But, we weren’t on the beach enjoying a beer or two. We were deep down in the trailer production. And we have some good news (and screens) to share!

Screenshot Teaser One | Gangsters

Final version of a shot you’ve already seen a couple of time. Notice the slight variations we’ve gone through in color grading.

The trailer is finally done. We’ve defeated that huge beast in 6 months. We have 1:58 minutes of crazy animated stuff. The real question is, when will you be able to watch it?

Well, if you’re super impatient, I’d recommend joining our mailing list (see that form on your right, right?), as we are going to shoot it to our beloved fans first! And we know you’re a beloved fan too, and we don’t want you to feel abandoned.

As for when, it’s going to be this fall. Probably around October. Why so long after we’ve finished it you might ask? Good question!

To be honest, we feel that releasing a trailer out of the blue in the midst of the summer is the best way to have everyone not notice it. We’ve been working hard on it, and we want to make a big splash! We want people to notice it, then love it, or hate it, and of course, share it. Not because we do have super big egos, but because we’re going to make a full feature movie, and if we want to succeed, we need to have some feedback!

The trailer is the first stone, major stone, in our long road. We want it to be meaningful. I’ll write a long most mortem about the trailer production when we go live, so you’ll see how it was a very good experience, full of lessons learned. But we also need to have an outside look, from you guys. And if no one watch it, where will we find feedback?

Screenshot Teaser One | Get Ready

One of the fake ads from the trailer. We’ve been working a lot on the (fake) brands that will be living inside our world, trying to find a cool blend of caricature, satire, playwords and overall fun.

We are also making a french version of it, and it’s a great way to test our multilingual flow as we need to update all the texts, record the new voices, redo the mix and so on. And in France, August is the month when everyone is in vacation, so we have to wait a little bit before having talents back.

But, if you can catch me at IBC, or at Adobe MAX, I’ll be glad to show you the trailer. You know what to do.

Some more things

When I show or talk about the trailer/movie, I’m often asked what books I read, or where I got meaningful information. I’m going to share it here too, for everyone to enjoy. I’m writing my first book review as we speak, and I’ll try to provide links to great articles on a regular basis. Internet is full of great stuff!

Last but not least, I’m retiring the @Mythomen Twitter account, as I’ve figured out, it’s easier to focus on my main @Yenaphe account, where I often talk about After Effects, movie making and so on. So please, if you were following the movie account, switch to my more active and passionate one.

Screenshot Teaser One | Captain Sarce

Introducing Captain Sarce, a proud member of the firefighters, fighting against our heroes on the rescue business, in our bright colored dystopian ad supported future. Tesla did not authorize the use of their trademark, but in our world, every vehicle is electric, and the only car maker that survived the bank crisis is them. What can I say, we love Tesla, SpaceX and Elon Musk, so here is some free publicity. Please don’t sue us!

We’ll be back with more news early september! Stay tuned, and subscribe ;)

Author: Yenaphe

2D animation enthusiast. South Park lover. Dark comedy lord. Slave to the bad joke gods. Writer & Director of Mythomen.


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