The January 2014 Log (featuring a finished first draft)

January was a tremendous month. Writing, writing and writing !


  • Finished the screenplay first draft (68 new minutes)
  • Started the Mythomen Movie Project Universe
  • Worked on Storyboarding v1.5
  • Now on Instagram

First Draft Finished !

first draft

That’s a Major Milestone ! The first draft of the Mythomen Movie Project is completed. It’s now time to let it rest for a couple of weeks, and I means, for the whole month of february, so I can put it into perspective while reviewing it and taking note for the rewrite.

Rewriting a screenplay is of course part of the process, and in our case, it’s more than necessary. First because there was a huge gap in the writing process between september and january. Secondly, because to achieve these 68 new minutes of content, I switched back in french, so now, I have a screenplay half in english and half in french. If I had to do it again, I would go full french for the first draft, then rewrite in english, because I lost a lot of time searching for the correct vocabulary (mainly for the dialogues) that will be trapped on the rewrite. I should have focused on the raw content first in my native language, and then the refining in english.

Last but not least, the screenplay is 2h45 long, which is much too long for a comedy. Our goal is to be around the 1h40 (100 minutes) mark, which is the average length for comedies. So we’ll have to strip one hour of content from the screenplay. Well, that may look a lot said like that, but it’s not exactly as straightforward as it looks.

First of all, I’ve always been to chatty in my first drafts, so the major area where we’ll have reduction are dialogues. I’ll take the juicy bits and put them together, leaving the not so exciting ones out. Plus, the point of being to chatty is to be really explicit in all dialogue. By enhancing them, we’ll add more depth in less words, which will better.

Then, I need to reduce the number of scenes. Not that I have to achieve some golden ratio, or rule of thumb. It’s just, as I’m being too chatty in dialogue, I’m being too straightforward in the expositions. I need to bring subtlety and this comes by removing all useless scene and milk all the important ones. I’ll be taking the point of the removed scenes and add them into the saved ones. I see scriptwriting as an organic process where to create too much, and then refine, refine, refine, to get the perfect shape.

The Mythomen Movie Project Universe

While writing the 2013 wrap-up post, I noticed that we’ve shared a lot of what we did, technical stuff & all, but not ┬áthat much on the creative side. That’s a shame. In order to fix that, I started building a little wiki of the Mythomen Universe, which is an alternative future of our beloved earth, not so far away from us.

I wanted to first version of this universe to be small, featuring some key characters of the screenplay (some of them you might have seen in design here), the town where the action takes place, and some of the big players of this universe. So I built up a skeleton of all this and it was already around 30 pages. Wow, I had no idea a so small part of the universe would fill so much content. And as you can guess, I haven’t filled the 30 pages yet.

11 pages are ready on this Mythomen Universe Encyclopedia, and I hope to finish the 19 remaining pages this month. I wanted to release just the first few right now, but I have a feeling that it’s too incomplete to be worthy. As I’m away of the screenplay all of february, I’ll have enough time to fill the blanks.

The most complicated pages will be about the fictional city of Pasquin, the town where our movie takes place, as I’m doing in depth research to create a believable and singular. But even is these pages are not finished yet by the end of the month, I’ll still have enough to show to open the dedicated section on the site.

Also, I’m trying to make it as spoiler free as possible, so it won’t ruin the surprise of the screenplay when the movie will be finished.

Storyboarding 1.5

When I said writing, writing, writing at the top of this article, I meant it. On top of finishing the screenplay, writing the Mythomen Universe encyclopedia, I also found time to write a bit more of Storyboarding 1.5. As of today, all features are in the script, they now need to be tested and polished. It’s on track for an NAB release!


Now that Instagram made it’s way to Windows Phone, I have a perfect excuse for spamming sharing in a random realtime fashion what’s going on on the project, and more.

For example, every february day will see an album cover from my inspiration playlist I build while writing the screenplay. These musics are used as placeholders for the kind of music I’d love to have in the key sequences. It also helps to set the mood of a scene. So don’t forget to follow us on Instagram. If you don’t like Instagram, most of it is cross posted on our Facebook page and Twitter feed ;)

Here is a snippet of what we’ve posted so far:


- Instagram feed not found.

And that’s all for this month. February will be all about city planning. But can’t say more. We’ll update more very soon with news from Anthony and Jerzy, so follow us (here, here or here), spread the word, and stay tuned.


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