The Project

Mythomen Rough B&W

Welcome to the Mythomen Movie Project

The Mythomen Movie Project is a crazy idea: it’s all about making a full feature long animation movie, in a living room, with almost no budget, or at least, not a full sized production budget. An indie guerrilla style movie. An hilarious action-packed comedy set in a very near future.

Get all you need to know in this very fast & furious video introduction:

Mythomen follows the story of Edouard, a slight looser in his late twenties, trying to become an employee of the Mythomen Group, the first ever official Super Hero company. Jean-Denis, Mythomen’s CEO, designed suit in a very homemade special fabric that turns regular Joes into powerful flying icons. Ad supported and one coupon at a time, Mythomen are defying the firefighters who struggles for their survival. Will Edouard make it? Will the Mythomen save the city from an impending doom? Will Kokura Sarov, the most powerful women on earth get what she wants? Discover it, and much much more when we release the movie.

It’s targeted for a Winter 2017 release, it will be a 105 minutes 4K Cinemascope Digital Surround Sound direct to VOD movie, all DRM free, in all resolutions, and if we can do it, we’ll make it to a theater near you.

Why would we do that?

We’re a very small team passionate about this project. We know we can achieve our goal to make this movie. Will it be hard? Sure. Will it succeed? We don’t know. DSLR has revolutionned the way indie artists make movies, short or long, documentaries, or any live action feature. Despite breakthrough in animation techniques, animated features are still too expensive to be done by small teams, or indie crews. Our plan is to proove the opposite by making our very own animation movie, guerilla style. We will use the most affordable professionnal production tools, the Adobe Creative Suite (something like $60/m), and will document all the way our production pipeline, our custom developed tools, and anything relevant to help people around the world do the same, and unleash their animated dreams.

This is also to show big production companies that things can be done, in high quality, without outsourcing to china or any low cost production sweatshops overseas, if only they properly investigate during the pre-production phase.

Hooked on a feeling

Mythomen is 100% made in europe, by a core team of friends. Pre-production, tool development, animation, design, editing, post-production, sound design, sound mixing will be done in Paris, France, for most at our houses, in our living rooms. Sound design / mixing will be done in a professional Dolby / DTS certified auditorium.

Voice talent recording will be done in Paris France and in London UK.

Music composing and recording will be done in Poland by a talented friend composer, if our schedules manages to match.

We plan to release on a monthly basis a long article of what was done during the previous month to share our accomplishements and failures.

For the budget, I (Yenaphe) have saved some money and will use a fraction of my dayjob paycheck to finance the movie. See, it’s a very very low budget. To help us increase our funding, I will release any tools I’ve developed on as soon as they are available and stable, so you can take advantage of it at the same time as us. I plan to release some more indepth tutorials and seek for sponsors. We’ll also figure out solutions for you to help us, and we might not do a Kickstarter unless there is no other options. But that won’t happen soon, as we need to build a lot of stuff before we can actually show something cool to you.