The Team

The Team

Mythomen’s team is a trio of high profile After Effects Artists !

Anthony will do all the gorgeous designs and slick animations. Plus he will help develop the animation pipeline so i’ll be able to animate myself. How do I know this is going to be good ? Well, maybe because Anthony graduated from the famous Gobelin Animation School of Paris, and certainly because we’re very good friends, thus we understand each other pretty well. And that what makes me so confident. I just need to outline him briefly what I want, give him some reference material, and he can turn all this into what I had in mind. Brilliant !

Then we’ve got Jerzy Drozda Jr, better know here under the mysterious name Maltaannon. He is one of the best artist around earth with his razor sharp technical skill and it’s relaxingly extreme creativity. Some people believe he is made out of keyframes. Official sources says he is was proceduraly generated by gods. One way or the other, he’s a fucking genius.

While we’re in Poland, I’d like to introduce you to the most talented Composer and Orchestrator of this generation Piotr Musial. He’ll be composing, conducting and recording the score of the movie.

And then, there’s me. I’ve been working on this project since 2007 (at that time, it was a live action short TV series project). I’ve created the world, the characters and the main story, along with another good friend of mine, Elise. We cofounded a publishing company together in 2012. She is not actively working on the project anymore, just giving me insightfull feedback, and that’s already a lot of work. I’ll be the writer, director and producer of this project. I’ll also have help from my girlfriend, who is making sure that I don’t burnout or do too crazy stuff. She’ll also give me important feedback about the plot points and character arcs. You always have to listen to your special someone, as long as he or she doesn’t praise your work just for your hapiness sake, but for it’s real value.

Most former designs featured on this site were made by Bénédicte Battesti.