The Technology

The Technology

To turn our ideas into moving images, we are relying on the famous Adobe Creative Cloud, and more importantly, on Adobe After Effects.

We are all heavily trained, and heavily using After Effects, Photoshop and Premiere Pro.

The screenplay is written inside Adobe Story, an application to write screenplays. Because we are focused on the creative side of our project, I developed a script that allows me to automatically creates an animated storyboard using the actual version of the screenplay. It enables me to test out ideas as fast as possible.

Because our ressources (aka funding) are scarce, we have to be really efficient to fullfill our vision. That’s why we rely on Adobe After Effects. The plugin ecosystem is large enough to embrace our vision, and it’s scripting abilities allows me to create custom tools. By the way, I’ll release all those tools on to help you build your ideas, and to help us fund our project. It’s kinda of a win-win deal !

On top of After Effects, we are going to use 3rd party plugins such as Trapcode Particular, but also specialised software such as LipSync Tools from Annosoft. We’ll use it along with a custom developed script to have our characters talking in less than it takes to reread that sentence.

Right now, the movie is shot (can we say shot for an animation movie ?) at a 4k open matte resolution (that’s a whooping 4096×3112), framed in Cinemascope (2.39:1) and in Stereoscopic 3D. Stereo 3D will be really integrated into the screenplay and will serve the story. If not, it will be droped and ressources will be shifted toward something else.

We hope to have a true 5.1 audio mix, in Dolby True HD or DTS HD, but it requires licences and acces to an auditorium, so it will really depends on our finances at this stage. But we definitively want something awesome, and already got a lot of ideas to have something with more depth than your usually gimmicky surround effects as seen in most blockbusters.

Keep an eye on the blog as we describe more in depth the challenges we are facing, and how we manage (or not) to overcome them.