What awaits Mythomen in 2015 ( A trailer!)

Mythomen Trailer Shot 4 Work in Progress

Mythomen Trailer Shot 4 Work in Progress

2014: The (not so) Silent Year

Wow, we’re already in April and it feels like 2014 was just yesterday. Time does really fly fast when you’re in crunch mode. Since mid December, we’ve been heads down in making our very first trailer. Our deadline is June, with big milestone end of March, early May and early June for final version.

The March of Progress

So, if you’re a keen reader, you’ve already noticed that we’ve reached our first deadline. We had some important meetings where we needed to show something cool. The first intent was to have a full trailer ready, but our ambitions where higher than what time and budget could afford, so we decided to concentrate on our vision more than on having something polished.

Showing something unfinished is not as easy as it sounds. You still want to have the same level of “finishness” on all your shots. If you have some ultra polished shots and ultra rough, it will give the feeling that you’re production is not properly organized, hectic, and in a mess. Whereas if you have mostly averagely finished shots, it gives a sens of progression “look where we are at after only x months of production”.

You also have to make sure to pitch your project taking into account the unfinishness of your trailer, making this non completion part of your storytelling, giving more confidence to your audience in your ability to finish it and helping them get a grasp of what’s going on, where you’re going and how.

2015: You will see something

Yes, finally, after 2 years of intense scriptwriting and pipeline investigation we’ll be able to show the first results in the form of a 1:58 minutes trailer. We’re on track to deliver something awesome in pristine 4k DCI.

Board in Progress

Board in Progress

The Trailer

Making a trailer when a movie is shot seems easy. Making a trailer with a movie only existing in the form of a screenplay is much harder. The movie doesn’t exist yet, and yet, we have to pretend it does. What shall we tell? What shall we show? How long should it be? Should we do it in 4k or only in HD to ease the process?

Working Station

Working Station with Wacom Cintiq for on the go operations, and 4K monitor for pixel perfect previews


Many questions we had not much time to answer. I’ve been iterating a lot on the trailer screenplay, had almost a dozen versions before I could find a suitable structure. And then even more iterations to refine it and make it work. And then even more edits to make it powerful and match our awesome music track & voice over.

We’re at over 35 iterations on the edit, with 2 more month of work ahead of us.

Screenplay version 3

I was right in the middle of writing the third draft when the trailer deadline happened. So, it’s on hold until we deliver our 1:58 minutes of awesomeness. The third draft is a pretty important one. Even though the movie set pieces won’t really change, it’s all about polishing the structure, and more importantly, the characters. It’s a natural to have characters sharing the same point of view or way of talking of the author. After all we write what we know. That’s also why very early in the process, I made an ID card for all the characters, to make them as unique and profound as possible.

character ID file

Example of Character ID Card


But when you write your first or second draft, the focus is more on getting the structure right, putting aside the characters. Well, time has come to make them as good (or bad) as they can be. And sometimes, making them stronger changes the balance in their relationships with others, and can lead to big changes.

Wishes and beyond

2015 will definitely be a huge year for the movie. It’s gonna rock hard. As we lean into 2015, and have to deal everyday with more and more kitten videos on social networks, we understand how difficult it can be for our friends to be focused or up to date with the project.

And guess what?

We have figured out something. We are now a proud member of the Mailing List Owner family. Yes, in 2015 we decided to merge with the best technological achievement of 1995 to create a unique community.

Oh, and we can tell you how much we despise spam. That’s why we won’t send meaningless and countless mails through this powerful piece of high tech. With great sending power, comes great content responsability. Or as we say it in France, we love foie gras, but not necessarily how it’s made. I just made that up, but you get the idea.

So, join us today! Just fill in your email, click that confirmation link and you’ll be all set.

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It’s time for us to get back on work. A trailer never waits. Talk to you soon.


Author: Yenaphe

2D animation enthusiast. South Park lover. Dark comedy lord. Slave to the bad joke gods. Writer & Director of Mythomen.


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