The Mythomen Universe

Welcome to the Mythomen Universe

The Mythomen Movie Project is only the first brick in the wall of the Mythomen Universe (MUniverse). Based on our dearest mother earth, the Mythomen Universe shares a lot with our today life, but also a lot of differences. The story is set in a near future after the world banking system collapsed again. To protect itself, part of western Europe merged into a federal country, The United States of Britain. To avoid the world bankruptcy, the International Bank of Quatar bought all the collapsing banks in the world and is now the only official bank left.

From here, you’ll discover the countries, cities, landmarks and the people that inhabits this great satirical version of our hometown planet.

We’ll update and enhance the Universe all along the project development. It might look a bit empty today, but might not tomorrow.

The Characters

The Mythomen Universe features a lot of crazy characters. Some are in the light of our stories, others in the shadows. But more importantly, they are all featured here.

The Companies

The MUniverse is a satirical version of our world. So are our fictional companies, sometimes obviously punning well known franchises, sometimes with a more subtle touch. Here they are.