Edouard Beaulieu


Edouard Beaulieu

Edouard Beaulieu is the newest member of the Mythomen S.A.R.L. company. After failing twice the mandatory exam, he managed to succeed on his last chance. Geeky, he dreamed of becoming a super hero after spending years reading comic book and poorly adapted movies. But he couldn’t imagine what being a real super hero meant. The Mythomen Movie Project story arc focuses on Edouard and how he became a famous Mythomen.

Being a geek doesn’t mean Edouard has no love life. He is in a complicated relationship with his girlfriend Inès Sarov (daughter of Kokura Sarov) whom he met in the French school of Pasquin. But he is also attracted to his new coworker Angeline Mez.

He has a dedication to his favorite comic book super hero, Super Fusion, based on a true story of a Lucha Libre warrior. He collects posters, DVDs, merchs, and know every single quote of this character.

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