Jean-Denis Hidalgo y Costilla


Jean-Denis Hidalgo y Costilla

Jean-Denis is the Mythomen S.A.R.L founder and C.E.O. He is addicted to coffee to an extent you would not believe.

He invented the fabric used in the Mythomen suits. This special fabric wakes body molecules and turn it’s bearer into a super hero. He then founded Mythomen. Before his life as a super hero, no much is know about him. Only the known fact is that he was born in Mexico. His accent and is tan betrayed him. He is a very secretive person.

As of today, no scientific have a clue on how his fabric works. Some people tried to still the secret formula, but it’s engraved in his mind. The suits are produced in a factory few floors below the main Mythomen Offices in the Pasquin Business District.

He is the only son of Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla and Francine Dupré.

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