International Bank Sy of Quatar


International Bank Sy of Quatar

The International Bank Sy of Quatar is a major banking company in… Quatar. One of the richest bank around the Mythomen world before the second global bank system collapse, its cash flow allowed it to purchase all the remaining banks around the world, and is now the only bank left. At least officially.

The second global bank system collapse, or BS2 as they call it happened a decade after the first subprime global crisis. After being saved by the governments, the banks did it all over again using a similar but yet seemingly different scheme. This time around, under population pressure, the government failed to save them leading to a general collapse of the biggest banks, rousing smaller banks in their fall. Because all of the money invested in Quatar through the Bank Sy, she was the only one to survival, and even make money out of the operation. Some analysts speculate that BS2 was a con lead in the shadows by the Bank Sy. Either true or false, the result is the same: The Bank Sy is not the only bank in the world. Its motto: We keep your coins if you need change.

Its origin is filled with legend and dirty money, best impersonated by its gossip-provoking co-funder and CEO Omar Kouri Sy.


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