Mythomen SARL

Mythomen SARL

Mythomen SARL

Mythomen SARL is a rescue company created right after the second world bank collapse, when most of western Europe united into a federal country: The United States of Britain. One of the side effect of the unite was to cease and heavily limit the public services, opening new opportunities for competition and capitalism on formerly highly controlled areas. One of such areas was the rescue field, on which firefighters and ambulances had a monopoly.

Mythomen SARL was founded by Jean-Denis Hidalgo y Costilla, and soon became successful,  thwarting the Pasquin firefighter central unit survival (firefighters being one of the last public service, they have a quota of rescue to meet, under which they get privatized or closed).

The Mythomen company is using custom developed suits, using a unique fabric discovered by Jean-Denis that is creating a chemical reaction with its carrier giving him special abilities, such as super powers.

Extended use of the Mythomen suit is dangerous and leads to psycotropic side effects that can heavily alter perception and self control.

Mythomen employees must pass a very selective test before joining the company. Jean-Denis is a strict boss and won’t lose time with unreliable elements, spending most of his time firing people and ingesting coffee.


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