Ultim’Atom SA



Ultim’Atom is the leading energy company, and the most powerful company in the MUniverse. Lead by Kokura Sarov, Ultim’Atom is one of the few companies that faced the world bank collapse without problem, thanks to its enormous cash reserves. In the midst of the storm, Kokura took control of some Waste Cost assets, weakening their closest competitor.

Ultim’Atom started as a nuclear only company, providing power plants in Europe, but soon diversified its income sources, investing or buying oil and gaz companies, providing as of today about 90% of Europe’s electricity, and 79% of the United States of Britain’s energy. They are now expanding on the waste management industry, to control the whole energy cycle.

They also started providing weapons for guerrillas in Africa (it’s rumored they also sold nuclear weapons to dictatorial countries where they extract oil).


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